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3 meses em Uppsala parte 4 (Novembro) [English only]

On the following day it was All Saints day and so there was an expedition to the cemetery and I went there with Gunnar and Lei. Like in Portugal, this day is a national holiday here and people normally don't work and the main institutions are closed. The expedition was basically looking at the grave of important swedish people that were born and raised there. Some candles were lit close to the graves, but like it was still bright it wasn't that spectacular (Gunnar said it would be better if we have gone at night to see all te candles on and I agree with him on that). After the expediction we went to Gunnar's place help him clean his room. Later we played a game called "Dracula" (yes it's related to Halloween). I was new to the game, but I obeyed the rules and the game went on nicely. I got scared a couple of times, but it was fun. On Sunday I watched the Ghostbuster's film with Gunnar and Erik (equiped with some chips and Jolt [a soda drink]).

November began with the departure of Selma. After a good help I gave in her new place she was now installed in Kantorsgatan. I felt a little relieved and during that week I gained power to go to an IKEA and get some stuff for my room. I met Gunnar there and I got a carpet, courtains and flowers. The IKEAs here are so different from back home ... back home it was bigger and had more food ... and it didn't have the restaurant in the middle of the building.

And we're now set on the last couple of weeks. Lately what I've been doing is working on my essays. Last week I went for a walk with David and it felt good... probably this week I'll do the same with Gunnar or with Erik. On the weekend I played some outdoor games with Erik, Gunnar and Lei and on sunday I met Gunnar and Lei at V-Dala. I also had a "fika" with Selma and her friend David during last week ("fika" is something swedes do alot and it means going out for a coffe, or simply having coffe ... if I'm not mistaken).

Today I had classes and tasted another delicious thing during the break ... Delicatoboll (I think that's how swedes call it. Delicatoboll is basicaly a small chocolate ball shaped cake with coconut bits around it). The list of things that I want to bring to Portugal is increasing (damsugare,kex,delicatoboll ...). I wonder what else is coming my way ...

Next weekend I'll hopefully go to Stockholm with them and it'll be a blast. I'm thinking on going there by lunch time and see important monuments and at least the places that attract more turists. I will try to invite more people so that it can be more fun.

And that's all ... can't say I didn't do much, but there's still plenty of stuff to do here in Sverige and my main goals now are the same as Selma's: Travel around the country and try to see as much as possible from Sweden, since I only got till 15th January to do that ... and of course write more frequently on my blog.

Puss Puss (Beijo)[Kiss]


P.S: A radiostation I listen to here in Sweden ...

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